“Dr. Venice performed a few treatments for a strained lower back muscle. Compared to the high amount of pain I initially had before treatment, I felt much more comfortable and mobile after a few short days. I would recommend him to anyone that is in a “pinch” needing to seek treatment fast. They also work with your insurance to find a cost affordable to you.”

   -B.K., Chicago, IL

“Michael has treated me for two different foot problems with great results. I especially appreciate that he looks at the problem relative to your overall health / physiology to treat. He treated me for plantar fasciitis but also gave me recommendations for other leg stretches to do in between treatments to aid recovery.

His office is in HD Med Spa and while I have not used other services from other doctors there, the office manager is very personable. He took all needed information from me but specifically asked how I would like to be contacted for appointment reminders – it was nice to be given individual attention and not just treated like a number.

Great experience with Dr Venice – highly recommend him and the friendly service at HD Med Spa!”

   -Catherine M., Chicago, IL

“Highly recommend Venice. He treated and corrected two slipped discs, which had been causing me discomfort and frustration, as I wasn’t able to fully engage in the active things I enjoyed, including regularly working out at the gym and running. Venice helped me stay positive during treatments and, due to the fact that he had once been a personal fitness trainer, coached me on how to exercise safely. It’s hard to believe that at one time I couldn’t imagine being “fixed” and pain free!”

   -Jeanine R., Chicago, IL